Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Feeling spoiled

Darlenes package arrived on my doorstep yesterday just as I was leaving for work. Of course I opened it right away, who cares if I'm late to work hehehe. Inside was an array of all sorts of goodies. Along with the cutest little scissor fob. Darlene thank you again for such a thoughtful package, you must have been reading my mind when you sent the beeding needles. I was looking for one last week to finish a project and could not find them in my sewing basket, so thank you :0) The pumplin bread, my hubby will appreciate that :) I hope fall is finding it's way into many of your states. We are having a bit of a heat way here in the Bay Area and I'm am ready for it to be back in the 70's can you say spoiled with my Bay Area weather?? YUP!! Hope everyone's October is starting off great. Take Care Friends!!