Monday, June 27, 2011

Thank you Kim

Kim, First I want to congratulate you on your WIP YOU have going on :) How exciting for your family! Also I received your package the other day and WOW. I am in love with that SB piece. That is one I have wanted to stitch for some time, so thank you. Everything was just perfect.
FRONT of stitched piece

Back of stitched piece

Thank you again :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Exchange from Karen

I got my package in the mail on Wednesday night from Karen and it was brimming with summer goodness!

It all came beautifully wrapped in little cellophane bags with red, white, and blue ribbon. I had to get a picture of the lovely presentation before opening the little bags.

And here's the whole kit and kaboodle on display:

Karen stitched up Summer House from LHN. I love the fuzzy trim! And she sent along a sweet little bowl (perfect for containing all those pesky ORTs if you ask me), a pair of patriotic socks, 2 beautiful fat quarters, 3 skeins of summery threads, 2 pads of paper (DS is eying the bumble bee pad), and a tub of delicious smelling coconut body butter! I LOVE all things coconut scented and this is even a little shimmery so my legs are going to be looking and smelling great all summer!

Thank you Karen! Getting this was a real treat in the middle of what has been a long and arduous week.

While we're on the subject of packages I figure I'll go ahead and let everyone in the group know that I'm working on a package of my own these days. I'm pregnant with our third little offspring. I'm due December 7th so I am already getting a big headstart on my fall and winter exchanges for Natasha so they will be ready to go even if my life gets a little crazier by the mailing dates. I'm planning ahead so I don't fall behind! Here's an ultrasound pic of the little one at 7 weeks (I'm 16 weeks now). He/she looks like a little toad to me in this pic. Hopefully by our 20 week ultrasound he/she will be looking a less amphibious :)

Thanks Karen for a super summer package! It was a real delight!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Natasha's Package is FINALLY in the Mail!

It may be a week late, but it's finally shipping! My hubby just left here with the box and he's headed to FedEx so be on the look out Natasha! Thanks for your patience :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kim's package is in the mail

finally! I finally got it out in the mail and hopefully it will be there in just a couple days. :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy Dance~~Thank you Jennifer~~~

Awesome~~~ I just received the BEST exchange package ever from Jennifer H today!~~~ 
She totally outdid herself~~~

I will let the pictures speak for themselves~~

Isn't this about the cutest Patriotic strawberry you have ever seen???
And she has already found her new home..............

front and center in my Patriotic basket...

Thanks Jennifer for helping kick off my summer so nicely~~


I'm Late! Sorry Natasha!

I am so very sorry. This whole week has gotten away from me as the kids and I have been totally focused on getting ready for Father's Day and we've had so much going on (people flying in from out of town, church workshops, etc). I completely forgot the mail date was looming and your box is still sitting unsealed, unaddressed, and unready for its trip to the post office. Clearly someone (ahem, me) needs to better mark these things on the family calendar so they don't pass without my realizing it! Last night the feeling that I was forgetting something just washed over me and then it hit me like a ton of bricks that Wednesday was our mail date. I will get to the post office sometime in the next day or 2. I am so so sorry.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank You Diane!

Look what arrived from Diane on Friday!!!!!!!  (Additional pictures are on my blog.)


Thank you so much Diane!

Confessions of a Serial Starter

Summer..... on the way to Faye!  I sent your package Priority so it should arrive by the weekend.  Enjoy!
As an aside, I will be posting pictures of the exchange I received from Diane later today.
Happy Summer Stitches!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanks Bunches Miss Faye!!!!!

My Exchange arrived from Faye!!!!
Look at the cutie cute cute Ladybug Ladybug piece she stitched.  I love ladybugs!  Notice the cute ladybut button on the bottom right.  As always Faye your work is a delight for the eyes.  Plus she included lots of  wonderful "Summer" goodies. 

You know how to spoil a girl Faye!
Thanks again,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mine Too!!!

Great minds think alike Faye.  My package to Jennifer is on its way.
Now that I know that I'll stalking the mailman :0)

Box is in the mail....

Hear ye, Hear ye~~~ Nan's box has been mailed as of 3:30 today.....!  Enjoy~~  Faye