Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Exchange From Karen!

Did I mention I'm behind on everything?! Because I am...!

I got this beautiful exchange from Karen weeks and weeks ago and am just now getting around to posting a picture of it!

This sweet little pillow has been on my mantel all autumn. Karen's finishing is second-t0-none! It's really beautiful. And the goodies have been delved into since their arrival! She sent beautiful fabric quarters, fibers in gorgeous and vibrant fall colors, a dish towel, needles, and a glow-in-the-dark jack-o-lantern Pez dispenser that my 2 kids took off with all tucked inside a leaf dish! I love fall colors and this was just overflowing with them!

Thank you so much Karen!! And I am genuinely sorry it took me so long to finally post about it. It's been on my t0-do list for much too long!

Better Late than Never!

I am SO BEHIND on everything right now! Oh my gosh, it's November! How did that happen?!

So this baby - IT'S A BOY! - is due 3 weeks from today and I my life feels so crazy. Besides baby Evan being on the way, my 5-year-old son starting kindergarten (our first grade schooler - I never would have guessed elementary school makes life even more hectic) and I have too much on my plate. But sweet Natasha is the most patient, most wonderful woman in the world and has repeatedly showered me with "it's okay" and "get it in the mail whenever you have time" and "no rush" and "no worries!" I'm so thankful for her patience!

But I'm here to say that I have OFFICIALLY mailed my fall exchange to Natasha! 2 months late, but it's on its way! And it also has my winter exchange for her too so that one she's getting a few weeks early! I'm not sure that makes up for a 2-month delay, but hey it's something!

Thank you so much Natasha for being so gracious and understanding. I am so grateful!