Wednesday, December 28, 2011

wow! recd package from Natasha

I never posted my fall exchange from natasha do here is my fall and winter exchange. Natasha really spoiled me this year.

I am posting this from hy kindle fire do we will see how I do. Lol

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Package Received

I received my package from Diane while I was away for the holidays.  I haven't had the chance to get into it yet, but I just wanted everyone to know it arrived safely.

I'll be back to post pictures later in the week.

Thank you Diane!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kim's package is in the mail

Kim your package is finally in the mail. I do hope you enjoy it!!!

This has been another wonderful year ladies and cannot wait for another one with the ladies that are staying on and maybe a couple new ones.

Hugs and Merry Christmas!!

Package on its way

Your package is on it's way :) But like before I forgot top take a snap of it before I packed it all up DUH... :)

I truly enjoyed this exchange group. This is the very first year long exchange I have ever participated in and loved getting to know everyone. Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2012 be filled with Love, Laughter and Stitching!!


Monday, December 19, 2011


I think we can all agree THE Carolina Stitcher ROCKS!  I have enjoyed receiving Faye's packages this year.  I'm just sorry that this year has come to an end.  Thank you so much Faye!

I realized when I came to this blog to post about the package I received today that I didn't post the Autumn exchange.  Boy, do I feel like a fool.  So sorry Faye, the exchange I received in the Autumn round was FAB!
Faye and I at the Pals Fall Fling in October. 
Faye personally delivered my exchange in Myrtle Beach.

Look at this GORGEOUS hand-stained box she labored over.

The containers inside were also hand-stained. 
Inside the containers were finishing trinkets and lots of pretties.

The Winter Round

I received this package in the mail today.
Once again, Faye out does herself. 

In the package:  a cute primitive Christmas pillow, a huge piece of linen, a mother of pearl thread winder, multi colored jingle bells, a notepad, the cutest-est zipper pouch, and 3 foil Christmas cut outs.

Faye~I've thoroughly enjoyed your exchanges this year and will cherish the pieces you've stitched.....ALWAYS!

Merry Christmas,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kim is the BEST!

I trully enjoyed everything that I got from Kim this year :) Her stitching and finishing is awesome. I hope to be included next year in the year long exchange. Here are a few snaps of my gifts. As you know she is having a baby ANYDAY now :) So she also sent my Christmas package.

My Autumn piece and all the goodies from the Autumn and Christmas exchnage

The beautiful christmas ornament, of course it went up on the tree right away.

You can click for a larger picture.

Thank you again Kim :)