Monday, April 2, 2012

My Spring Arrival!

My Spring exchange goodie box arrived from my partner, Diane! It arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I owe you an apology, Diane, for not posting about it sooner. My FIL passed away on St. Patrick's Day, and I was preoccupied with all of that and left town to help my MIL. I am finally getting back to stitching this week, though =]
Diane sent me an awesome box of goodies, and put a smile on my face when I really needed it. She stitched me a really cute pillow. I don't know the designer, but I had seen it on someone's blog and knew I had to find the pattern to stitch... and now I don't! Diane also sent a cute sheep box, 40ct fabric (love the colors), cute polka dot scissors, buttons, ribbon, handtowel, and the cutest chickie, which goes well standing next to my LK chicks rule
Here are a couple of pics:
I love everything! I can't thank you enough, Diane! You've brightened my start to a wonderful Spring!
~Michelle K.


  1. What a darling exchange - Love it all !!

  2. what a great exchange! love the pillow and love the sheep box!

  3. So sorry about your FIL. I love the pattern too, if you find out who's it is can you post please?