Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Double the Fun from Melissa!

My package from Melissa came Saturday, but I've either been too busy or it's been too dark to get pictures. Today, despite the overcast and lack of decent lighting I am sharing with you the wonderful exchange(s) I received from sweet Melissa!

Melissa was under the weather and under a pile of other obligations (see also: work, school, life) and wasn't able to get my fall exchange in the mail in September. So it showed up with my winter exchange which only doubled the fun.

Check out these wonderful fall goodies and the festive fall bean bag:

I tried and tried to get a good picture of the needle minder (made by Melissa herself) because the skeleton cameo cracked me up, but the lighting is just so bad from it being overcast and the flash washed it out. Oh well, here's the best I could do for your viewing pleasure:

And the silkweaver fabbie (which is both fall-ish in color and winter-ish in irridescence) was definitely a high point too!

And here's the winter exchange that accompanied the fall:

Don't you just absolutely love the darling little pillow?! It's finished so perfectly. I perched it in our Christmas tree right next to the ornament Vonna sent me last year.

Thank you for a wonderful year of exchanges Melissa! It was so great getting to know you (we're FB friends now) and getting all these lovely little treasures in the mail all year!!



  1. Love the Winter piece
    Merry Christmas

  2. Both are great! Love the Winter stitched... need to move that one up in the pile! Hope you have a merry christmas...

  3. Glad it arrived safely and that you enjoyed it. It's been so much fun stitching for you this year. I look forward to continuing to keep up with each other via Facebook, too! I'm so inspired by your running. :)

  4. Oh, btw, I meant to include a note about the little fall pincushion and then completely forgot. It's actually stuffed with crushed walnut shells which is supposed to help keep your needles sharp. Enjoy!