Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Exchange from Karen

Merry Christmas everyone ... hope you all had a wonderful day! My exchange from Karen arrived Christmas Eve and yes I opened it right away!
Inside I found these ... an M all decorated for me ... it's going in my stitching room and this lovely pillow. The design is Merry Christmas by Carriage House Sampling. I just love this design and was so thrilled to see it stitched and finished into this sweet pillow for me.
Here's a closed up of the pillow ... adorable isn't it!
Karen makes the funniest cards ... this one is so cute and asks that universal Christmas question
Well Karen decided I'd been really nice because inside the card is a gift certificate to Down Sunshine Lane ... Can't wait to go spending my money on stash :)

Thank you Karen for a year of wonderful exchanges. I've really enjoyed everything you've stitched for me and I'll enjoy them for years to come.

Hugs, Michele

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