Monday, March 15, 2010

A breath of spring has come to my house!!!

Friends Stitching Through the Seasons Exchange
Spring Exchange
To: Faye
From: Jill
The prettiest package arrived at my house today and WOW~~ Jill really really did make me feel special with all the goodies she tucked into my exchange~~~
First off there were pink pins, a beautiful butterfly charm (LOVE that~!), hot pink gardening gloves, springy socks (my first graders will LOVE them!), and adorable handtowel and some lovely Egyptian cotton thread made my Lizbeth.... AND, she made me the cutest pillow filled with crushed walnut shells (I think..).... The pillow is a design by Homespun Elegance called Delivering Fleurs...done on 28 ct dirty linen and loaded with beads and buttons!!!
I absolutley love ALL of it! It truly lifted my spirits so!!! Now, I cannot wait to get in my craft room and find the perfect place for my new pillow.... I am sure I will tuck it onto my tree in a very special place~~ Thanks again Jill!